The Organization

construction workers The Southeast Laborers’ Training Fund is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for its union members and to meet the training needs of its participating employers.  This includes training certifications in the skills to advance laborers in their chosen field, as well as necessary training for new and emerging technologies.  The Laborers’ Southeast Training Fund firmly believes that to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing technology in our industry and the globalization of our economy, that our members must have broadly marketable skills and potential to achieve their full financial capabilities.


The Southeast Laborers’ Training Fund originated as the Georgia/South Carolina Fund in 1973. The locals in Georgia and South Carolina negotiated a five cent contribution to the Fund and established training operation at several different locations. Much of the training was done in conjunction with CETA job training grants which assisted the Fund to build a cash reserve. In 1976, the Fund purchased an old school in Atlanta to serve as the training facility that encouraged workers to travel to a centralized location to insure a quality and well supervised training environment. In 1994, the Fund implemented training under a Department of Energy (DOE) grant in both Savannah River Site (SRS) and Oak Ridge Tennessee. Soon the Tennessee locals started contributing to the Fund and the name was changed to Southeast Laborers’ Training Fund (LSETF). LSETF continued to expand with mergers of the Florida Training Fund in 1997 and the Alabama Training Fund in 2005, and the South Central Laborers Training Fund which serviced the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.